Life Coaching with Jinju Dasalla, PhD

What could be better than investing in yourself in a way that has you show up in the world radiating with joy, beauty and grace? Are you ready to dive deep into your heart and your truths so that you can heal, reconnect, and achieve wholeness? Are you ready to get clear about your greatest purpose and reclaim your biggest dreams?

The purpose of a life coaching partnership is to co-create an opening for the client to discover a new way of being without knowing what is possible. It is coupled with the request of the coach to lead us to possibilities that we otherwise cannot see. It involves getting in touch with how moods and emotions affect our choices, how our language creates our reality, and how our bodies can be powerful tools in learning and listening to ultimately shift into a new way of being.

“Whether your goals have to do with self-discovery, finding your soulmate, or better health and well-being, my commitment is for you to learn how to access the power and wisdom within. Believe it or not, you have everything you need to succeed, heal, and thrive on a path toward wholeness of mind, body, emotions and spirit. My role is to remind you of what you already know and partner with you in creating and achieving goals aligned with what matters most in your life. Together, we will identify and transcend limiting beliefs and you will discover new, inspired ways of being and living.”

Jinju Dasalla, PhD, holistic educator and guide, divine movement artist, master of joyful inspiration is truly unique in the world of pioneering new paradigms for personal growth and development. As a professional life coach with a doctorate in neuroscience, Jinju embraces the power of dance and the flow arts as tools for healing and transformation.

Take your first step in making the most important investment you can make in your life, your self, and in turn, the world. 

Drop-in Focused Coaching Sessions (no accountability or intake process): 90 min for $135

Spring Life Coaching Special for monthly members of Still and Moving Center:  Add on two 1-hour life-coaching sessions ($240 value) for $150 extra added onto the monthly class package



Offer A) Beauty that Transforms: A 30 Day Journey to Self Discovery and Exploration Utilizing the Flow Arts and Sacred Fire Dance for Healing and Transformation.


This is a private intensive including:


  • Opening the Journey (Day 1) – Setting the context of Beauty that Transforms
  • Mapping the Journey (Days 2 – 3)  – A thorough intake process, setting intention, written reflection
  • What to Pack? Tools, Tips and Models for your Journey
  • Creating your Practice, Opening to Grace, Finding your Flow (Day 4 – 29) – Three 90 min personal sessions spread out over 3 weeks (60 min dedicated to personal goals, direction, and reflection & 30 min dedicated to somatic integration with private flow session)
  • Unlimited email with a promise to return responses within 48 hrs.
  • Co-created Assignments with Loving and Firm Accountability
  • Day 30 – Closing Fire Ceremony and Celebration Session (yes! that means you get to meet the fire in a sacred meaningful way!)


*Investment: $650



Offer B) 30 Day Journey to Self-Discovery

(Offer A excluding the private flow/poi sessions and closing fire ceremony)


*Investment:  $500


Offer C) Basic Virtual Coaching Package

A package of 4 focused coaching sessions (60 min) for up to 3 months.

Sessions can be by phone or video skype.


*Investment: $400


Add one month of unlimited classes at the Still and Moving Center to Offering A, B or C for 50% OFF the unlimited class package:  $159 regular unlimited class pack or $179 with aerial becomes $79 regular or $89 with aerial at Half Off.

Students already enrolled in the monthly unlimited program receive 5% off Offering A, B or C.

Students already on monthly Auto Pay or annual unlimited receive 10% off Offering A, B or C.


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