Jivatma Massaguer Roske

“The heart has its reasons that reason does not know.”

Q&A with Malia

Aloha Jivatma, thank you for sitting down with me. Can I ask you first, what does your name mean?
Jiva means life and Atma means soul. Jivatma means the incarnate divine essence in this human existence.
Do you remember your first treatment ? What was it like?
I don’t have a memory of a first treatment per say… Massage was always a part of my life… My very first memories of massage are with my mother starting at the age of 4 and up. My mother was very influential in my becoming aware of the importance and benefits of touch. She would always massage me and whenever I would get hurt (which was often, being such an energetic little girl!), she would lay her hands on me and rub off the pain. Always telling me that our hands are our greatest tools and allies.
How about your best treatment?
My best treatment was a massage I got from a friend in India. He did a fusion of Thai and regular massage. I still remember the profound effect it had on me!
What is your favorite aspect of giving treatments?
My favorite aspect of giving treatments is how you can become such an important and influential part of someone’s life. I love that it is a thoughtless and very intuitive process. You don’t need words or much communication to go really deep with someone, just your hands and their body. It’s a physical, energetic exchange that surpasses the logical, mental human limitations. You communicate at an energetic level.

Health Tip
: “The body is continuously telling us what it needs, we just have listen. Pain is only the body’s way to communicate.”
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Headʻs up:  Come celebrate Diwali (Indiaʻs Festival of Lights) at Still & Moving on October 29th. There will be family activities, storytelling, presentations, candle making and more culminating in a rooftop Indian feast at sunset.  Jivatma will be one of several presenters describing her experience growing up in India.
Bio:  Jivatma Massguer-Roske was born and raised in Auroville, an international community in Southeast India.  She gravitated to the ancient modality of Ayurveda and began giving sessions in the community.  Jivatmaʻs sessions fuse different styles and techniques including lomilomi , deep tissue, trigger point release, swedish massage and energy work.  Her work is creatively woven with intuition and a lot of aloha!

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